Other applications

What are you looking to pack? Challenge us with your gear goal and we’re happy to equip you with the best fitting solution!

What you need to know

We have been designing and producing polymer cases and nylon zipper bags since 1977. We have seen a lot over the past years when it comes to the range of applications that suits an SKB case or bag. You can think of computer purposes, storing for lighting armatures, travelling with tripod & stand, or safeguarding sensitive electronics.

We offer you durability, protective capabilities and versatility in our product range. We can safely say we can handle your gear, no matter what it is. Now, we're interested to know: what do you need it for?

The benefits

Wide range of sizes

The SKB family is already quite extensive, and we keep on expanding. Haven't found the right size yet? Let us know.


Do you want your travel companion to be wheeled? Do you need a custom foam interior to safeguard your equipment? We got your back.

Ready to go!

Off the shelf cases, ready for you to pack and hit the road, or to simply store your valuables at home. Either way, with an SKB you're covered.

Do you have a question?

We are happy to help!

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