You can depend on durable, easy to use protection for your gear. Simply place your trust in an SKB case to prevent your valuables from any scratch. Many outdoor enthusiasts have preceded you successfully.

What you need to know

Designs that are built to last. We’ve got you covered when it comes to the world’s best cases for fishing, archery, golf, and more. With secure positioning you can perfectly fit your gear for transport.

Padded reinforced handles and cases optionally fitted with heavy duty wheels make going outdoor with your sporting equipment the most convenient for you. The game is on!

The benefits

Withstanding extreme conditions

Whether it is freezingly cold or scorching hot, an SKB can take it. So no matter what the weather condition is, you can rely on your case and go outside.

For any type of transport

You can safely take your gear abroad, because even the worst luggage handling can be survived if your gear is securely packed in an SKB case. We use materials and apply designs that are virtually indestructible so they can take a heavy beating.

Trusted brand

Among both renowned professionals as recreative sports people SKB’s are considered as the best cases money can buy. Reliable, durable and easy to use cases you can depend on for continued success.

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