If we say waterproof, we mean WATERPROOF!


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‘Once home, he opened the case and it was completely dry.’

One of our most popular series is the iSeries, which is waterproof. Combined with cubed foam interior it is a perfect solution to transport all of your equipment. A while ago, SKB Cases got a great customer testimonial, which shows the condition and quality of our cases. You can read about it below.

A missionary in Honduras was transporting himself and his guitar in an SKB case. He lives in a primitive area where transportation is mostly by boat. His small boat flipped over and sunk in the river. Good for him, his guitar was being transported in one of our iSeries cases and floated until a canoe saw it and took it with him. Once arrived on land, he took the case home and didn’t dare to open it and discover a disaster. Once home, he opened the case and it was completely dry inside. ‘The case is amazing, thank you!’ – Gene T.

Are you in search of durable and reliable waterproof cases that offer secure transportation for your valuable gear? Whether you’re an musician, adventurer or professional photographer, SKB is your partner. Browse through our collection today and find the perfect waterproof case to transport your gear securely, no matter where your adventures take you.