SKB case undertakes survival trip through the ocean

SKB case trip through ocean survival


‘It’s fascinating to see our case surviving such an unexpected test’

In a surprising turn of events, a SKB case was discovered washed ashore on the vast landscapes of Smøla, an island cluster located in the Norwegian seascape. The incident, as remarkable as it is, unintentionally served as a testament to the exceptional waterproof capabilities of SKB’s protective solutions. The founders of Plastjegerne AS, a dedicated team committed to marine cleanup, stumbled upon this special case during their relentless efforts to rid the seas of trash. “It was almost as good as new and well marked with the owner’s identity – RTS,” the Plastjegerne team reported. Despite the unpredictable journey it undertook, the suitcase’s contents remained remarkably preserved, demonstrating the robust protection that SKB cases provide. While inspecting the suitcase, the Plastjegerne team found unfamiliar equipment within. A quick online search revealed that RTS, the owner of the suitcase, is associated with SKB. As the Plastjegerne team dug deeper, they discovered that the equipment inside the suitcase is specialized gear designed to withstand the harshest elements.

“It’s fascinating to see our case surviving such an unexpected test. This incident unintentionally demonstrates the durability and waterproof qualities that we have built into our products. It’s been a true test of survival and we are pleased that our case came out as the winner,” one of our SKB account executives reacted. The Plastjegerne team also noted that they were intrigued bu the suitcase’s journey. “The suitcase seemed to have taken an unexpected detour, contrary to what we expected. As enthusiasts in understanding maritime dynamics, this case has given us valuable insights into ocean currents and the unpredictability of sea routes.”

At SKB. we design our cases to be airtight and watertight, safeguarding valuable equipment even in the most challenging environments. This incident underscores the practicality of our designs and reinforces our commitment to quality. Now, as the journey of the lost suitcase comes full circle, its discovery has evolved into an unplanned test of resilience. Our outstanding waterproofing has accidentaly proven its robustness, showing that even during a turbulent oceanic trio, SKB cases remain in perfect condition and will protect their equipment at all times.

SKB case trip through ocean survival location
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