Visit SKB at Enforcetac at Nuremberg

This year we will be present at the Enforcetac at Nuremberg; the premier event where professionals from goverment agencies and armed forces converge to adress security challenges. This industry meeting place offers a discreet environment and showcases top-tier products crucial for bolstering security efforts in Germany and across Europe.

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Experts with a mission

At Enforce Tac, experts with a shared mission come together to explore innovative solutions, engage in expert consultations, and collaborate on strategies to enhance security both domestically and internationally. With its reputation as a meeting place curated by experts for experts, Enforce Tac facilitates direct interaction with leading manufacturers and security specialists from around the world.

The event features a diverse range of offerings, including weaponry, tactical gear, communications systems and specialized vehicles tailored to meet the demanding requirements of government security professionals. In addition, exhibitors present operational clothing such as plate carriers, protective vests, body armor, helmets, and advanced training systems designed to address evolving security challenges.

Enforce Tac provides attendees with an invaluable opportunity to expand their knowledge and forge new business relationships on a global scale. By participating in this esteemed trade fair for internal and external security, professionals can stay informed about the latest advancements, exchange insights with industry peers, and contribute to the ongoing improvement of security practices.

Will we meet you there? Visit our booth from February 26th to 28th at 8-514!

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