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Indestructable cases

We deliver quality without compromise. When it comes to military gear, industrial applications and music/audio products packaging in a robust, virtually indestructible, case is a necessity.

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Maximum protection

When you choose for SKB, your valuables will have maximum protection. You can be sure traveling is made easy whether it is across the city, the country or worldwide.

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Endless applications

SKB cases are engineered to offer the best protection for equipment of many different industries. They can withstand extreme heat and cold, are dust- and water tight and yet lightweight. Which application do you have in mind?

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Superior quality

Protecting your valuables in the best possible way, we understand the importance of that. That is why we offer lifetime warranty on our full range high quality hard cases of unparalleled durability.

A word from our customers

Merel Bechtold Dutch metal guitarist

Thanks SKB for our awesome new band member! We've named our R8UW Roto Rolling Rack Casey. They're perfect for our in-ear rack and will come with us wherever we go. It's already a world traveller!

Anne-Sophie Schlosser Newloc

As a provider of technical support to the performing arts and to music, it is essential for us to handle the instruments and accessories in our rental fleet with the utmost care. SKB perfectly meets these requirements both by the quality and robustness of the products offered, and by the extent of the range that allows us to meet our most varied needs. Whether it's for our technicians' tool cases, storage, or transport of equipment over long distances and in sometimes harsh conditions, we have no doubt that SKB cases are solid enough to keep our products in impeccable condition, thus corroborating the rigor and professionalism desired for our services, which results in the satisfaction of our customers.

Sandy Beales Ex-OneDirection

Thank you to the amazing people at SKB for the delivery of these incredible durable and tough flight cases! Musicians, it's worth checking them out! You hear too many stories of careless airlines breaking instruments, and it's good to keep them safe and well protected. My cases are the P/J style flightcase with the '78 Jazz and the open cavity flight case housing the Stingray.

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