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SKB cases are your most durable and reliable transport choice for your valuables

Indestructible and versatile polymer cases and racks for virtually any application and built to last a lifetime. Which type of gear do you want to pack?

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With lighter and two times stronger cases than our competition, the game is on! We’ve got you covered with the best cases, no matter what your sport is. Whether you’re travelling to a competition, going outdoor for some exercise, or simply looking to securely store your sports equipment; we offer a a range of cases tailored to meet your needs.

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Ready for action!

SKB Sports Cases have durable latches and handles, are impact resistant, have a pressure relieve valve, are water- and dustproof—cases suitable for various environmental conditions. You are safe to go outside, no matter the weather. We cater to travel and store many different types of sports gear;

  • Fishing, cases to protect rods, reels and other tackle.
  • Golf, to store your clubs safely, even during a flight.
  • Archery, to organize your bows, arrows, and other accessories.
  • Shooting, to hold and protect firearms.

Designed to protect valuables

The SKB range of Sports Cases are designed to protect your sports equipment and provides the possibility to safely transport them. We use superior materials to provide excellent impact resistance so they can withstand rough handling and to keep your gear in place. Designs that protect your valuable sporting needs to prevent them from any damage. We aim to serve you through easy organization of your sports stuff and accompanying accessories, so you only have to focus on your performance.  With the possibility to customize the case of your choice, you can definitely up your game!