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SKB cases are engineered to offer the best protection for equipment of many different industries. We deliver quality without compromise. Because when it comes to military gear, industrial applications and music/audio products packaging in a robust, virtually indestructible, case is a necessity. We offer maximum protection, ensuring traveling is made easy whether it is across the city, the country or worldwide.


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SKB cases

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It all started with guitars in Cali, but with 45 years of expanding the range we can safely say there’s an SKB for virtually any possible purpose.

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Lifetime warranty

Since 1977, we are building the best cases to last a lifetime. They are basically indestructible, but if yours breaks, we will repair or replace it.

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The transport authority

Lightweight cases for your convenience, yet strong enough to endure a heavy beating while in transport. The ease of use of our patented trigger release system handles helps you on your way.

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Manufacturing of protective cases for a wide range of applications

SKB cases are known for high-quality, durable, and reliable cases that provide excellent protection for sensitive and valuable equipment. Our cases are designed to meet your needs in protecting your gear from damage during transport or storage.


Some of the key facts about SKB Cases

  • Ruggedized cases for excellent protection and durability. Made out of high quality materials such as polypropylene, that offers resistance to impact, water, dust and other environmental hazards.
  • Broad product range to meet all packing needs. We serve many industries, such as photography, military, sports, music, law enforcement, industrial and consumer markets.
  • Most of our cases are stackable and lockable, with molded in ribs to securely stack on top of each other and with molded-in padlock holes enabling to add TSA-approved locks. Moreover, SKB cases often meet or exceed ATA standards. A secure feeling that your case is designed to endure rough handling and is suitable for frequent travel.
  • SKB cases are truly impact resistant without compromising the equipment inside. In combination with featured custom foam interiors they securely hold and protect your valuables.


SKB, your travel companion

SKB cases have become the transport authority as a result of their robust construction, reliable protection, and versatility across various industries. Whether you need to transport delicate musical instruments or safeguard sensitive electronics, SKB cases offer a range of options to meet your requirements.