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Popular cases among musicians

Music cases are the roots of SKB. It all started with building a guitar case over 45 years ago. Today, we have a case with the right protection for almost any instrument. We offer a broad range of high-quality cases engineered to withstand the rigors of touring. SKBs are often favored by professional musicians and traveling performers. Because our cases are made with prime materials, they provide excellent protection against imapcts, scratches and other potential damages.


We protect your passion

We have a reliable case to safeguard virtually any musical instrument and accompanying equipment. Some of the popular music cases are;

  • Mixer and Equipment cases to protect DJ gear like amplifiers, microphones, mixer and effects processors.
  • Instrument cases for example for violins, keyboards, guitars, drums, basses and cellos.
  • Racks to house mountable equipment like amplifiers, audio interfaces, signal processors, and patch panels.
  • Accessories cases to organize your pedal boards, mic stands, cables, and more.


Committed to quality

At SKB we produce durable and lightweight music cases that are high-strength for excellent impact resistance and protection against harsh environments. With a variety of rugged cases with different configurations and the possibility to customize we serve different types of musicians and their accompanying equipment. Our cases are trusted by musicians, bands, orchestras, DJs and audio professionals around the world as a result of the constant quality we aim to deliver for protecting valuable musical gear from impact, moisture, dust, and other potential hazards.