The Half Shock Rack is here!



The first COTS available half-rack shock rack on the market

This standard commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) case comes with a removable 1” deep front lid and 4” deep rear lid, as well as a built-in retractable pull handle, wheels, and 4 comfort grip spring loaded lift handles for maximum portability. The interior rack features SKB’s patented “positive lock” latching system that slides open like a file drawer, allowing easy access to racked equipment. The rack can also be fully removed providing complete frame access for bench integration.

Like all 3RR Series Shock Racks, this half rack is molded of LMDP Linear Medium Density Polyethylene plastic that meets or exceeds MIL-STD 810G standards. It comes standard with 8 elastomeric shock absorbers which allow for a standard payload range of 40 to 150 lbs. The rugged roto molded shell and black powder coated stainless steel hardware (recessed for protection) ensure industry leading strength and impact resistance, while its compact size makes it highly portable and easy to deploy. Additionally, the molded-in stacking ribs and lugs are designed to stack with all SKB 3RR and 3RS shock racks—as well as competitive manufacturer’s cases—making this the perfect complement to any collection of racked equipment.

This compact shock rack comes standard with built-in wheels and a telescoping pull handle for easy transport and deployment. A full deployable ½ 19 inch MIL SPEC 5U Shock Rack with removable housing. Available from August 2023! Contact us for prices and possibilities.


SKB 5U 20-inch Deep RR Series Half Rack Shock Rack_open
SKB 5U 20-inch Deep RR Series Half Rack Shock Rack_closed